something different


Mexican fiesta

mexican roll ups

chicken enchilada casserole

refried bean dip layered with sour cream, salsa and tortillas

mexican inspired salad with red pepper and cilantro

chocolate espresso cookies and key lime tarts

beverage of choice

sweet & savory

sweet and savory

Pork and ginger egg roll wraps

roasted beef crostini with horseradish aioli 

marinated large shrimp with artichokes and lemon

endive boats with pimento cheese

gourmet cheese and fruit presentation

key lime tarts, chocolate covered strawberries, brownies

Antipasta Platter

Antipasta Platter

Gourmet Mediterranean 

Grilled Chicken Slices with Yogurt Herb Dipping Sauce

Greek Salad with Roma Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Kalamata Olives, Feta Cheese; Housemade Vinaigrette Dressing on the side

Roasted Colorful Veggies Tossed with Pesto


White Bean Hummus with Loads of Veggies and Fruit; Pita Chips for Dipping

Baklava and Brownie Bites with Dark Chocolate Drizzle

Mint Sweet Tea and Unsweet Tea

asian eclectic

grilled salmon with hoisin glaze

rice noodles with peanut sauce and crunchy veggies

mango & spinach salad with red onions, cilantro and green beans

vegetable sushi rolls

roasted asparagus with sesame seeds

beverage of choice

italian nosh

penne pasta with mushrooms, sweet peas and broccoli

shrimp linguine with white wine, artichokes and capers

fresh tomatoes and mozzarella antipasti

white beans with kale and garlic

traditional greek salad

beverage of choice